New posters!

Woohoo! Look what came in the door, just in time for the Stockholm International Comics Festival!

CBA vol 20/21 cover illustration by Kolbeinn Karlsson, POSTERIZED!


CBA vol 22 cover illustration by Sarah Kläpp


CBA vol 11 cover illustration by Allan Haverholm

All of the above posters are A3 format and printed on heavy art stock, and we will obviously be selling those at the Stockholm festival, as well as all our latest publications, until we can sell no more (after that we do a song and dance)!

Cabinet of Curiosity


Cabinet-of-CuriosityThe eminent Sarah Kläpp has concocted a great, portable exhibition, Cabinet of Curiosity. Hidden inside are all kinds of mysteries and curiosities. We will bring the exhibition to Stockholm International Comics Festival as well as other festivals we attend this year. We’re really excited to show off this cool exhibition.

CBA vol.24: HAIR has been sent to print!


We are currently awaiting shipment of our latest anthology from Poland, and we have some great stuff for you this time!

Contributors for this volume, on the theme “hair”, are Johannes Bergström, Marie Dahlén, Tinet Elmgren, Harukichi, Sofia Karlström, Nicolas Krizan, Slobby Psyk, Sylvie Ringer and Jenny Wildfang, with C’est Bon Kultur members Christoffer Frostgård, Henri Gylander and My Murphy, all packed in a glorious cover by Mari Ahokoivu!

cbavol24cvr_50x65mm_rgb Not only have we decided to publish every volume in full colour after the success with last year’s Kolorama, the Hair volume will also present to you a total redesign of the magazine (which you got a sample of with our first hardcover book, All Saints). Our future covers will feature wraparound panorama illustrations, enhanced by UV foil printing for a delicious finish.

The content remains the same, high quality comics art from exciting new talent as well as veteran artists, united by their will to take the comics form in new directions. We hope you will like the new packaging, too!

All Saints


C’est Bon Kultur has decided to take our anthologies one step further and will now publish every other anthology as CBA Presents, which focuses on an individual artist who we think deserves a wider audience. First up is Dutch artist Marcel Ruijters with his funny and unusual All Saints! This is a collection of short stories featuring female saints and their lives, depicted in a style inspired by illuminated manuscripts and told with a wry sense of humour. It is in full colour and co-printed in Danish, by Forlæns, and in Dutch, by Sherpa.

cbavol23cvr_50x707mm_rgbMarcel Ruijters is well known in his home country, and is published in several other european languages. But to this date he has only been published once in English, by Top Shelf, with his novel Inferno, which also won the prize for best Dutch graphic novel in 2008.

We’re really excited about All Saints, and look forward to publishing other interesting artists in the future.

Write to to buy a copy of this awesome book!

Sånger om Björnar

2013 October

C’est Bon Kultur are proud to present a new exhibition, “Sånger om björnar” (“Songs of Bears”) at Biograf Spegeln!

Bears appear frequently and in many forms throughout history and are embedded symbolically in many narratives, from the Russian Bear to Winnie-the-Pooh and Smokey. In this exhibition, comics artists explore the world of the members of the family Ursidae. Delving deep into the mind of the animal, revealing playfulness as well as ferociousness.

“While we watch the animals in their joys of being, in their grace and ferociousness, a thought becomes more and more clear. That it is not so much a look at wild nature, as it is an insight into ourselves, our nature.”

Werner Herzog, Grizzly Man (2005)

Contributors: Henri Gylander, Allan Haverholm, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Karoline Stjernfelt, Mattias Elftorp, Christoffer Frostgård, Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Bo Ashi, mf