2012 November 7 – January 6
Part of AltCom 2012
Spegeln (Stortorget 29)
Opening Nov 7, 19-22

C’est Bon Kultur Presents: IN BETWEEN
(On November 7 of 2012, the intervals are revealed)

The comics collective C’est Bon Kultur take out the scalpel, cut along the lines of the thin sheets of reality, stepping into the borderlands between the panels. We try to exist between all the fabricated lines, created on paper by human hand. Precisely because they are created, designed, drawn in the sand, it is possible to look at them, to scrutinize their being, their silent division of the world. Surely there are stories there, in between other stories?

Seven artists take part in this exhibition:
One story, seven artists, six in betweens, seven stories.


Since 2001, C’est Bon Kultur has worked for a more varied and exciting comics culture in Sweden and on the international scene. The formal purpose of the organisation is to support, evolve and disseminate comics with higher artistic ambitions. The main vehicle for this purpose is the international comics art magazine, C’est Bon Anthology. We also arrange exhibitions of comics art, lectures and other cultural events.
The vision is to push the boundaries of what can be done in comics, to broaden the perspective of what the comics medium is and can be, both in relation to itself and to other art forms.

Photo by Fredrik Strömberg

Photo by Komikaze

Photo by Stripburger

10 years of C’est Bon

We had a spot in the program at Seriefrämjandet’s Seriescenen at the Gothenburg Book Fair in 2011:

C’est Bon Anthology fyller tio år C’est Bon Kultur har berikat Sveriges serieklimat med nyskapande och experimentella serier sedan 2001. Ledamöter i föreningen berättar om tidskriften C’est Bon Anthology och utställningsverksamheten, samt bjuder på kalas! 

C’est Bon Anthology vol. 13 – Levels


There are many kinds of levels out there: Physical, psychological, spiritual and digital. Every story in C’est Bon Anthology vol. 13 is on a level of its own.

cbavol13cvr_50x65mm_rgbIn “Giving Ground”, Lars Krantz shows the passing of time as a mechanism in body and clockwork alike. In Chad Verrill’s stories, medieval art meets video game graphics and creates a unique vision. Victor Kerlow blurs the line between being awake and dreaming, in a story called “Weird Things Downstairs”. Veiko Tammjärv creates iconic narrative art scapes in “Ape and the City”, where story is symbolic as much as it is sequential. And more stories, more levels.

Volume 13 features Niklas Asker (SE), Allan Haverholm (DK), Victor Kerlow (US), Lars Krantz (SE), Lawrence Marvit (US), Jess Smart Smiley (US), Veiko Tammjärv (EST), Chad Verrill (US), Rikke Villadsen (DK) and Henric Wallmark (SE).

C’est Bon Panorama III: Super Mario

2010 November, part of AltCom 2010

C’est Bon Panorama III
Interpretations of the colorful world of the hero plumber
Exhibition November 12 – January 16 @ Biograf/galleri Spegeln
Opening: November 12 at 17:00
[Sofia Falkenhem, Martin Flink, Allan Haverholm, Cin Iwarsson, Sarah Kläpp, Jamil Mani & Elisabeth Nielsen]

Super Mario is the pixeled hero with the big moustache, eating mushrooms, travelling through pipes and throwing turtle shells. Mario started his carreer as part of the supporting cast of Donkey Kong but soon got a leading part. So far, he shown up in over 200 video games. Many of us remember the early Mario from when a Nintento was a rectangular brick and you had to blow air into the games to make them work.
The sequential artists of C’est Bon Kultur present the third Panorama exhibition in as many years. The suite interprets well-known stories that most of us know and have a relationship to. It started with the oral tradistion of the Little Red Riding Hood, went on to the modern novel with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and has now finally reached the beginnings of the digital age with Super Mario, the golden boy of Nintendo.
The participants are Sofia Falkenhem, Martin Flink, Allan Haverholm, Cin Iwarsson, Sarah Kläpp, Jamil Mani and Elisabeth Nielsen. Each artist makes their unique interpretation of Super Mario and his world. by breaking down and rebuilding, pixel by pixel.

C’est Bon Anthology vol. 12 – Expiration Date


This volume of C’est Bon Anthology explores the Good, the Bad, and the Putrid. An Expiration Date is the point dividing a period of time in “before” and “after”. And the after rarely smells very good.

cbavol12cvr_50x65mm_rgb The graphic short stories in C’est Bon Anthology vol. 12 – Expiration Date, all deal with things that expire, whether it be bodily flesh, or emotions that change and turn sour. Although we like to think that C’est Bon Anthology ages like fine wine, you should definitely read this issue while it’s fresh.

Volume 12 features Mari Ahokoivu (FI), Oskar Aspman (SE), Ole Comoll(DK), Davide Catania (IT), Carolin Hansson (SE), Victor Kerlow (US),Sarah Kläpp (SE) and Jess Smart Smiley (US). Fine, fine narrative art, by the best professionals anywhere.

C’est Bon Anthology vol. 11 – Variations


For almost ten years, C’est Bon Anthology has presented graphic short stories by artists from all over the world, with occasional contributions from the anthology’s changing roster. With this new offering, vol. 11, we wanted to present the current editorial board as well as give a high five to the crews of the past: Every contribution is a variation, remix, or mutation of stories that have been published in an earlier volume of C’est Bon Anthology.

cbavol11cvr_50x65mm_rgbIn C’est Bon Anthology vol. 11 – Variations, Sofia FalkenhemMartin Flink, and Jamil Mani interpret each others’ previous CBA contributions in a threesome of playful trolls (THE BOY), urban totem animals (DUSK), and personal purgatory (ROOM). Allan Haverholm counterpoints Mattias Elftorp’s short story VIOLENCE with SEX, and Oskar Aspman remixes Niklas Asker’s critically acclaimed SECOND THOUGHTS as SCND THGHTS.

In total, volume 11 features work by Oskar Aspman (SE), Mattias Elftorp(SE), Sofia Falkenhem (SE), Martin Flink (DK), Allan Haverholm (DK),Susanne Johansson (SE) and Jamil Mani (SE). The best short stories by some of the most talented graphic artists out there.

C’est Bon Anthology vol. 10 – Apocrypha


C’est Bon Anthology exposes the hidden things, the secret things. Apocrypha is an old Greek word that means “those having been hidden away”. And we all have dirty little things tucked away somewhere, don’t we? Whether they’re feelings we repress, unreflected actions, or guilty pleasures; they are the unknown factors that animate the mask we show to the world. Much like the 90% of an iceberg hidden below the waterline.

cbavol10cvr_50x65mm_rgbWe are happy to give you with this anthology a look into the works and minds of artists that face their hidden baggage in so many different, surprising ways. A compilation of graphic short stories, an interview (“CBQ&A”) with a Finnish comics artist and a special guest (“Comics as Art – Art as Comics”); an artist from another branch within the visual arts.

C’est Bon Black Box

I utställningen C’est Bon BLACK BOX inverteras det traditionella utställningsrummet, ”den vita kuben”, och blir en levande utställning som skapas och förstörs om och om igen.

Narrativt, figurativt och nonfigurativt… med gästartister från olika konstformer. Publiken erbjuds också att gå loss på väggarna och aktivt delta i skapandet.

Ny vernissage varje torsdag under hela mars kl. 19-22!

BOX 1: Torsdag 04 mars – C’est Bon Kultur
BOX 2: Torsdag 11 mars – Hillboy, Magen, Kiddo, Falsk
BOX 3: Torsdag 18 mars – Dotterbolaget
BOX 4: Torsdag 25 mars – Wormgod

BOX 1: C’est Bon Kultur
Konstnärskollektivet C’est Bon Kultur (CBK) ger sedan 2001 ut den internationella seriekonstantologin C’est Bon Anthology och arrangerar utställningar med seriekonst. Under BOX 1 utgår vi från den senaste antologin med temat Entanglements, och tillsammans med musiker och poeter gör vi tolkningar från serie till text till musik till bild. Förenar konstformerna under ett och samma tak…

BOX 2: Hillboy, Magen, Kiddo, Falsk
En grupp serietecknare/graffitikonstnärer som arbetar med sin konst i både litet och stort format.

BOX 3: Dotterbolaget
Dotterbolaget är en feministisk serieskapargrupp som idag utgörs av ett trettiotal kvinnor som träffats genom Serieskolan i Malmö. Dotterbolaget fungerar både som en social arena för kvinnliga serieskapare, men är också ett professionellt nätverk. Gruppen ger ut ett fanzine, deltar i utställningar och arrangerar workshops i serieteckning. BOX 3 är Dotterbolagets.

BOX 4: Wormgod
Susanne Johansson och Mattias Elftorp, fd medlemmar i C’est Bon Kultur, driver konstprojektet Wormgod. Efter att ha fyllt 2009 med utställningar om atombomben och inlett 2010 med att producera ett antal nummer av den nya minialbumserien Dystopia kommer de nu att framföra verket Spiders, i samband med att Elftorps Piracy is Liberation bok 008: Spiders pt 2 kommer ut. BOX 4 blir en kombination av konstverk på temat cyberpunk/kosmisk fasa/spindlar och release för den åttonde boken i Piracy is Liberation-serien.

C’est Bon Anthology vol. 9 – Entanglements


C’est Bon Anthology gets entangled in story and image alike. Eliza Frye shows what might take place on other levels for a father and a daughter during something as ordinary as a dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

New segments! We present the first piece in the series “Comics as Art – Art as Comics”. We invited visual artist Michel Ducourneau to create a piece especially for this issue of C’est Bon Anthology. For every new issue we will invite an artist who does not usually work with comics, to create one full color page as a bridge between comics and other forms of expression within the visual arts.

cbavol09-200Through the years C’est Bon Anthology have presented text pieces that shed light on the art form from unexpected angles. From now on we are focusing our gaze in order to give a deeper insight into the world of comics. In “CBQ&A” we will be turning our attention to the creative process of imagemakers and storytellers that are featured within the covers of this anthology. The first artistic voice to be heard is Allan Haverholm; co-editor for the anthology, as well as a brilliant and prominent comics artist.

Participants: Michel Ducourneau (SE), Mike Diana (US), Eliza Frye (US), Allan Haverholm (DK), Ed Homer (US), Jacob Rask (DK), Hanna Pettersson (SE), Chad Verrill (US)

Would you like a sneak peak of vol. 9 and the comics in it? Click here for a sample!

ISBN: 978-91-978089-3-4