Mattias Elftorp: Since escaping from the Pit some short aeons ago, this Swedish-hating antiracist, meat-eating vegan, semifictional monstrosity has been drinking and smoking his way through the cybperpunk postapocalypse underground with a subtle fuck you and a why not? until re-entering orbit from the 5th dimension of “reality”, sometimes accompanied by an angry animal, to make sweet anarchocomics and take up the fight against short and sensible sentences.
Creator of Piracy is Liberation, The Troll, Me & my Daddy & Zlatan etc. Active in CBK, Wormgod and Tusen Serier. Organizer of the AltCom festival and working with the Zine Workshop in Malmö.
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Sajan Rai is a British ‘art villain’ making absurdist comics as well as an ongoing illustrated haiku project – the latter being a non-linear, world-building narrative that dunks on the eurocentric tendencies still too-prevalent in much fantasy and sci-fi.
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Lisa Örtlund makes somewhat self-biographical comics. She likes to keep things light while diving into the darks, and nurtures a love-hate relationship with nonsense.
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Kinga Dukaj is an autodidact artist and web designer dabbling in various mediums. She’s a part of CBK and Tusen Serier; working to integrate non-Swedish comics into the Swedish comics scene, and working with the zine workshop in Malmö called Fanzineverkstaden.
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Leviathan (Caroline Ulvros) is a deep sea creature with an urge to destroy all humanity, driven to instead express itself through comics by improvements in submarine missiles.
Autodidact living in Malmö and creating black and white comics at every chance for the last 20 years or so, but mostly in Swedish thus far.
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Raquel Lozano is a writer with a secret wish to be a working class hero. There’s only one problem: she seriously hates to work. An anti-social socialist who wants anarchy for the world but doesn’t believe in it because there are too many humans involved. The biggest inspiration is hate, without it she wouldn’t know what to write.
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Illustration by Mattias Elftorp



HenrikRogowskiBildHenrik Rogowski creates comics best described as absurd and surreal gothic tales. His stories defy both logic and reason, and become something more in return.
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luddvig1Luddvig Melin is a small, anxious mammal which can never make up its mind about anything. It makes both autobiographical and fictional comics, usually with lots of emotion, humour, imagination and weird little twists. Melin is a social animal that depends highly on the interaction with its comics collective Ritualen, cuddling and consuming plant based food while watching cartoons.
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oskarOskar Aspman analyses too much and thusly does more teaching about comics than doing actual comics himself. Some day he will eat lunch with David Lynch.
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The editorial crew has changed over the years. Here’s a list of the different eras:

C’est Bon (2001-2004)
Oskar Aspman (#1-11)
Mattias Elftorp (#1-11)
Jacob Kindstedt (#1-11)
Daniel Novakovic (#1-4)
Niklas Asker (#5&6-11)
Susanne Johansson (#11)

C’est Bon Anthology (2004-2005)
Niklas Asker (#1-5)
Oskar Aspman (#1-5)
Mattias Elftorp (#1-5)
Susanne Johansson (#1-5)
Jacob Kindstedt (#1-5)

C’est Bon Anthology VOL (2006-2015)
Niklas Asker (vol1-4)
Oskar Aspman (vol1-3, 16-29)
Maria Borgelöv (vol1-2)
Mattias Elftorp (vol1-7, 28-29)
Susanne Johansson (vol1-6)
Jamil Mani (vol2-19)
Cin Iwarsson (vol5-28)
Patrik Stigzelius (vol6-11)
Allan Haverholm (vol7-16, 19-27)
Johan Jergner-Ekervik (vol7-8)
Sofia Falkenhem (vol8-15)
Martin Flink (vol9-15)
Sarah Kläpp (vol12-22)
Elisabeth Nielsen (vol12-15)
Bo Ashi (vol14-22)
Kolbeinn Karlsson (vol20/21-24)
Christoffer Frostgård (vol22-28)
Henri Gylander (vol22-26)
My Murphy (vol24-28, 31)
Lina Ohlsson (vol24-26)
vain illalla (vol28)
Frøydis Sollid Simonsen (vol24-28)

CBA vol (2015-)
Steve Nyberg (vol30-34)
Stefan Petrini (vol30-35, 40|41-42)
Rakel Stammer (vol35)
Leon Stekla (vol35)
Jonathan Cowen (vol40|41-42)
Johnnie Ekman (vol40|41-43)
Christina Cromnow (vol30-42)
Gonzalo Rodriguez (vol35-45)
Mattis Telin (vol42-48)
Lisa Örtlund (vol42-49)
Raquel Lozano (vol48-52)
Sajan Rai (vol48-52)
Oskar Aspman (vol30-)
Kinga Dukaj (vol30-)
Luddvig Melin (vol30-)
Henrik Rogowski (vol30-)
Mattias Elftorp (vol30-)
Leviathan (Caroline Ulvros) (vol48-)

Original graphic design

Each issue/volume may be a bit different depending on who compiled it, but there is always a basic original design that informs what the magazine looks like.

Oskar Aspman (CB#1-11, CBA, CBAvol1-22)
Oskar Aspman & Allan Haverholm (CBAvol23, 25, 27, 29, 31)
? (CBAvol24, 26, 28)
Julia Scott (CBAvol33)
Kinga Dukaj (CBAvol30, 32, 34-)