ISSN: 1652-2141

First incarnation of C’est Bon Anthology as an international anthology. Five issues came out in 2004-2005.


C’est Bon Anthology 5
2005 September
Cover: Dead Pope’s kiss by Knut Larsson.
Interior illustration: Oskar Aspman.Contents:
Scale model by Tommi Musturi
Meatboat country by Sara Granér
Winter by Django Mikalacki & Igor Kordey
Desert by Carol Swain



C’est Bon Anthology 4
2005 July
Cover: Jan Solheim.
Interior illustrations: Oskar Aspman and Mattias Elftorp.Contents:
The visit by Maria Isenbecker & Jan Solheim
The wedding guest by Ina Kallis
Bibi by Danijel Zezelj
Friends of Henry by Ole Comoll
The valley of death by Jonna Björnstjerna
Prothesis by Mattias Elftorp & Susanne Johansson


C’est Bon Anthology 3
2004 December
Cover: Susanne Johansson.
Interior illustration: Katharina Karlström.Contents:
The face/the box by Mattias Elftorp
The swedish model by Susanne Johansson
Boys by Bill Koeb
Give by Uli Oesterle
Feels kind of strange to see you by Loka Kanarp


C’est Bon Anthology 2
2004 September
Cover: Danijel Zezelj.
Interior illustration: Susanne Johansson.Contents:
Grandad by Jens Thegler
Laisse-moi by Johanna Rojola
Sing my song by Oskar Aspman
Sade (an exerpt) by Ville Ranta
Everything in flames by Tommi Musturi
Hungry eyes by Fabian Göransson
7 am by Mattias Elftorp
Tooth madonna by Fabian Göransson

C’est Bon Anthology 1
2004 May
Cover: Teddy Kristiansen.
Interior illustration: Niklas Asker.Contents:
It’s a long way… by Ole Comoll
On a porch in Guatemala by Katharina Karlström and Oskar Aspman
Old Rose by Anke Feuchtenberger
Monk by Danijel Zezelj
Just Lying by Mattias Elftorp
To the far shore by Tommi Musturi
Heartbeater by Susanne Johansson