Release event for CBA vol 46: Deep

Release exhibition for: CBA vol 46: Deep
Place: Hybriden (Mitt Möllan, Bangatan 5, Malmö)
Opening: October 18, 18-22
Lasts until: January 15
Opening hours from August: Wed-Fridays: 11-15, Sundays: 12-15

Welcome to the release party for our brand new volume of CBA: Deep!

We want to invite you to a fun evening with us, lots of cool art and comics! As usual we will serve snacks, wine and some non-alcoholic options as well.
Also, don’t forget to get your hands on the brand new volume for a reduced price! VERY SEXY!

There MIGHT be some treasure to be found in a fishing pond as well… Can you really afford to miss that oppurtunity?

Come party with us and find out!

About CBA vol 46: Deep:

What do we find in the depths? What lies in the depths in the oceans? What hides in the deep darkness of the corner of your room when you’re about to fall asleep? What thoughts trickle through your mind when looking deeply inwards, what do we find when we look where we can’t see?

comics by:
Julia Nascimento [BR]
Lisa Örtlund [SE]
Sofia Ciente [PT]
Mikko Jylhä [FI]
Ivana Filipović [RS/CA]
Mattias Elftorp [SE]
Sajan Rai [UK/SE]
Francisco Sousa Lobo [PT]
Maria Stoian [RO]
Texts by:
Lisa Örtlund [SE]
Mattis Telin [SE]
Illustrations, cover & main editor:
Lisa Örtlund [SE]

Available at the Hybriden webshop.

Qtopia release exhibition (CBA vol 45)

Release exhibition for: CBA vol 45: QTOPIA
Place: Hybriden (Mitt Möllan, Bangatan 5, Malmö)
Opening: July 19, 17-22
Lasts until: September (probably)
Opening hours from August: Wed-Fridays: 11-15, Sundays: 12-15

Release exhibition for the new volume of CBA, featuring visions of a world where stories about HBTQ+ characters don’t need to end in tragedy.

So many LGBTQ narratives end in tragedy as a consequence of the LGBTQ-hood of the characters. Those stories are important because LGBTQ people are still being targeted by prejudice, discrimination and violence, but in this volume of CBA we encouraged artists to do something different. To tell queer stories where the queerness isn’t a narrative catalyst for bad things, but rathera source for joy or love or just one characteristic among others.

Queer tales about situations involving LGBTQ characters. Utopian queer tales in the sense that everything might not be perfect, but at least the horrible things that happen don’t have anything to do with the characters’ sexual orientation.

The exhibition will feature selected pieces from the anthology, but also additional artworks by local artists such as Olivia Skoglund, newly examinated from the comic school in Malmö and working on her first book on experiences as a trans girl, Adrian Malmgren, trans/hbtq-activist and creator of the comic Wicked Hero, and Emmie Jansson, currently a student at textile arts&design at Östra Grevie. There will also be artworks by Ylva Oknelid, Mattis Telin and Lisa Örtlund on display!

CBA vol 45 features
Comics by:
Casco [SE]
Lisa Örtlund [SE]
Ylva Oknelid [SE]
Ivana Geček [HR]
Korina Hunjak [HR]
Aiden Kvarnström [SE]
Saskia Gullstrand [SE]
Henrik Rogowski [SE]
Adrian Malmgren [SE] (text)
Love Pascal Prelog [SE] (illustrations)
Cover by:
Kinga Dukaj [SE]
Luddvig Melin [SE]
Lisa Örtlund [SE]
Mattias Elftorp [SE]
Henrik Rogowski [SE]

Soon to be available at our webshop:

Facebook event

The exhibition is presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd. CBA is published with support from Kulturrådet (the Swedish Arts Council).

Lore release event in Cairo

Koshk Comics (Egypt) are arranging a release event for CBA vol 44: LORE, with an exhibition on the Folklore theme, July 12, starting at 7 pm at Haward gallery in Cairo.

Koshk Comics collaborated with us on this volume by extending our call for submissions especially through their network of creators in North Africa and the Middle East, to create a journey through the world Folklore by bringing together comic artists from different countries to produce graphic stories which was published in vol 44 of CBA.

In this version of the release exhibition they will also add some extra comics that weren’t in the actual book, such as Tunisian comic artist Seif Eddine Nechi, the founder of Soubia, who will also be present at the event. Seif has won the Cairo Comix prize for the best graphic story in 2017 for his story (bombyx) which also won the Mahmoud Kahil prize in 2017.
The second guest at this event is Kalk كلك, the experimental comics quest where they are seeking different types of narratives. Kalk has participated in many exhibitions in Sweden where they have also published two comic stories.

So if you are nearby you should drop in and have a look at this extended version.

As children, we’ve been told hundreds of frightening stories by our mothers, grandmothers, or even our older siblings.
These stories have been passed through generations to deliver some kind of wisdom or to prevent children from committing stupid things. These stories are like the oral history of our culture.

However, when we grew up and met people from different cultures around the world, we discovered that these stories exist in almost every civilization but forms in different shapes, and may be this is what unites us as human beings, the same fear of darkness, strangers, the unknown fate, or our hidden desires.

It’s always the same story, the story of our feelings as vulnerable creatures trying to control the world by creating monsters and heroes to fight them.

The exhibition will take you on a very unique journey across space and time, where you can discover the common narratives between the human beings, and also how those global modern comic artists look through our heritage.

The exhibition will be available for the audience from 12th until 20th of July.
Koshk (and CBK, if only in spirit) are awaiting all of you on the 12th of July to join our great adventure.

Check the Facebook event for any more news about this event.

Fanzineverkstaden exhibition & Fosfor distro

Fanzineverkstaden has been open for almost a year now, and we thought it was time to showcase some of the material that’s been produced so far.

On Wednesday June 5, 17-22, we open a permanent exhibition at Hybriden, where you can see screen prints, zines and more by some of the members at Fanzineverkstaden.

This will also be the official opening event for Fosfor, our zine distro that now exists at the Hybriden website and will now also be available in the physical shop/exhibition space. Come and have a look at around 150 different titles!

It’s also a chance to see the current Lore exhibition by CBK, which will stay up for a while longer.

There will be snacks and wine.
See you there!

Fanzineverkstaden is run by Tusen Serier in close cooperation with CBK, with support by Arvsfonden.

CBA vol 44: LORE release exhibition

Release exhibition for: CBA vol 44: LORE
Place: Hybriden (Mitt Möllan, Bangatan 5, Malmö)
Opening: March 15, 18-22
Lasts until: May 31 (may be subject to change)
Opening hours: Check back here later…

Featuring new works by Kinga Dukaj, Oskar Aspman, Mattias Elftorp, an installation by Mattis Telin, Lisa Örtlund, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Henrik Rogowski, Kinga Dukaj + sample comics from CBA vol 44 by Ivana Filipovich, Kalk Comics, Henrik Rogowski, Mattias Elftorp

We invited a collection of artists to make comics in the theme of LORE.

Folklore – it’s the stories our parents told us as children as well as a glimpse into another world, of fairies, trolls, and magic. But folklore is more than just stories about bad children who get eaten by witches; it’s our shared fears, hopes and dreams and they often share similar themes across the world. Folk tales have been told by an infinite number of people with equally infinite motives; some to warn, others to encourage and some who just try to make sense of the world around them.

In volume 44 of CBA we dig deep into the roots of folklore from different cultures and explore what it has to say about ourselves as human beings regardless of nationality.

To celebrate the new volume, we invite you to a new concept exhibition, reminiscent of classics like BLEED or ACETON (CH3COCH3) (for the older generation who might remember what we did 15 years ago).

Join us in another world at Hybriden! A small piece of the old woods, filtered through the current world and turned into a means for continuing the old storytelling traditions in new formats.

Facebook event

The exhibition is presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd. Prints were made at Mediaverkstaden and Fanzineverkstaden.

Release party for CBA vol 43: Corners

On February 8 we invite you to come by our gallery space Hybriden (@ Mitt Möllan, Bangatan 5) for the release of the latest issue of our international anthology, CBA vol 43: Corners.

The release will come with an exhibition displaying some of the artwork by the featured artists in the anthology. Participating artists in the exhibition are:

Alice Monvaillier [FR]
Viti Sanchez [ES]
Alva Nylander [SE]
Laura Endy [ES]
Margo [PT]
pablo_diablo_69 [ES]
Diego Shim [ES]
Gonzalo de las Heras [ES]
Insulyna [VE]
Vibi LeFleu [ES]
Rui Moura [PT]
Adrián A. Astorgano [ES]
Bori Tompa [HU]
Claudia Torán [ES]
Pablo Gil [ES]

On top of that, we will have an interactive shopwindow for you to draw and leave your mark. At the same time you can move your ass to the rythms delivered by D. SHIM and DJ FIMP.

There will be wine and snacks and alcohol-free options, you bring the good vibes.



Exhibition: MaU @ Hybriden

This weekend, the comics course at Malmö University will present a comics axhibition at Hybriden.

Opening: Friday, Jan 18, 17-20
The exhibition will last for two more days (Jan 19-20) between 12-15.

At the opening there will be some snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks, so drop by and read some comics!


Fridhem 2018 exhibition @ Hybriden

We’re taking a small break from the Best of CBK exhibition for a guest appearance:

Fridhem Folkhögskola invites you to come see their final exhibitions at Mitt Möllan for various of their courses (Grafisk Design, Måleri, Serieteckning och Foto). The comics course is at Hybriden.

Opening: May 25 at 17-21
also open:
Saturday, May 26: 09-20
Sunday, May 27: 12-16


The Best of CBK exhibition will return next weekend with part 2 in a slightly different form. Stick around for more info coming soon.

Best of CBK (13 april)

Retrospective exhibition of 15 years with CBK
Place: Hybriden (Mitt Möllan, Bangatan 5, Malmö)
Part 1 opening: April 13, 17-22
Lasts until: May 23
Part 2 opening: June 2, 17-22
Lasts until: August 16

C’est Bon Kultur (CBK) became an official association in 2003, with the formal purpose of creating and promoting comics that are visually interesting and that approach comics storytelling in experimental ways. It is now 15 years later and with approximately 60 publications and about as many exhibitions behind us, we have a big selection of comics and artworks in storage that we’d like to share with the world.

Nostalgia for some, news to others, we promise an interesting art experience. Big names in experimental and art comics will share the space with local talents and several generations of the CBA editorial crew. Over the years, we’ve strived to add something special in the translation from the comics page to the exhibition wall space. From acetone prints to apocalyptic scrap metal installations with DIY polaroids, blown-up postcards and blood-splattered plastic covers. One motto that runs through it all is: COMICS AS ART, ART AS COMICS.

Feel free to invite people to the Facebook event.

The exhibition is presented in cooperation with Fanzineverkstaden, with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd.


2003 bildades kulturföreningen C’est Bon Kultur (CBK) med syftet att skapa och sprida serier som är visuellt intressanta och som experimenterar med berättandet i serieformen. Nu är det 15 år senare och med ca 60 publikationer och ungefär lika många utställningar bakom oss har vi samlat på oss ett stort lager av serier och konstverk som vi vill dela med oss av.

En nostalgitripp för gamla fans och en intressant upplevelse för dem som upptäckt oss på senare år. Stora namn inom konst- och experimentserier blandas med lokala förmågor och flera generationer av redaktionen för den internationella serieantologin CBA. Vi har genom åren gått in för att skapa något nytt och originellt i översättningen från tidning till utställningsvägg. Från acetontryck till skrotinstallation med gör-det-självpolaroider, förstorade vykort och blodstänkta plastskynken. Ett motto som genomsyrat verksamheten är: SERIER SOM KONST, KONST SOM SERIER.

Bjud gärna in dina vänner till vårt event på Facebook.

Utställningen presenteras i samarbete med Fanzineverkstaden, med stöd från Malmö Kulturnämnd.