CBA vol 44: LORE release exhibition

Release exhibition for: CBA vol 44: LORE
Place: Hybriden (Mitt Möllan, Bangatan 5, Malmö)
Opening: March 15, 18-22
Lasts until: May 31 (may be subject to change)
Opening hours: Check back here later…

Featuring new works by Kinga Dukaj, Oskar Aspman, Mattias Elftorp, an installation by Mattis Telin, Lisa Örtlund, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Henrik Rogowski, Kinga Dukaj + sample comics from CBA vol 44 by Ivana Filipovich, Kalk Comics, Henrik Rogowski, Mattias Elftorp

We invited a collection of artists to make comics in the theme of LORE.

Folklore – it’s the stories our parents told us as children as well as a glimpse into another world, of fairies, trolls, and magic. But folklore is more than just stories about bad children who get eaten by witches; it’s our shared fears, hopes and dreams and they often share similar themes across the world. Folk tales have been told by an infinite number of people with equally infinite motives; some to warn, others to encourage and some who just try to make sense of the world around them.

In volume 44 of CBA we dig deep into the roots of folklore from different cultures and explore what it has to say about ourselves as human beings regardless of nationality.

To celebrate the new volume, we invite you to a new concept exhibition, reminiscent of classics like BLEED or ACETON (CH3COCH3) (for the older generation who might remember what we did 15 years ago).

Join us in another world at Hybriden! A small piece of the old woods, filtered through the current world and turned into a means for continuing the old storytelling traditions in new formats.

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The exhibition is presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd. Prints were made at Mediaverkstaden and Fanzineverkstaden.

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  • Mohamed Nagy March 10, 2019 07:23

    How do we know if our submission got accepted?

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