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Do you write for a newspaper, magazine, blog, etc about comics and/or literature and/or art?

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  • Coming soon: Piracy is Liberation 012

    The first 6 books of Mattias Elftorp‘s Piracy is Liberation were published by CBK before the cyberpunk postapocalypse series moved over to Wormgod. With Piracy is Liberation book 012: Outer Enemy, it’s back with us again, published in collaboration with Wormgod. 212 pages starts off......

  • Out now: CBA vol 58

    CBA vol 58: Modern Glossolalia or the Erosion of Meaning is here! This issue was kind of a response to various election campaigns (not least the Swedish one) where the very meaning of words seem to have been a casualty of populist rhetoric in the......

  • Call for submissions – Stories for CBA vol 60

    Call for submissions for: CBA vol 60 Main Editor: Mattias Elftorp Deadline: February 1 For this volume of CBA, we have no theme planned, we just want stories. Maybe we’ll set a theme after the deadline if we can find words to describe the comics......

  • Digital exhibition: WAS IT A CAR OR A CAT I SAW (CBA vol 54|55)

    CBK presents: WAS IT A CAR OR A CAT I SAW A new digital exhibitions to celebrate the release of CBA vol 54|55! Where: hybriden.se When: The exhibition starts Friday Sep 16 at 17:00 and will stay active for the foreseeable future (or at least......

  • Uncomics

    Allan Haverholm, former CBK crew member and recent guest editor of CBA vol 56|57, recently launched the site and podcast uncomics.org, where he will post news, interviews etc with and about creators in the field of uncomics. Many of whom were included in CBA, some......