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  • PAPER ECHOES exhibition

    CBK presents: PAPER ECHOES Where: Ateljé XX (Industrigatan 20B – entrance from the yard, Malmö) When: March 4 (one day only) 15-22 (fika until 18, then wine) During the fall of 2022, we invite...

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  • Call for submissions – CBA vol 65: THE BOX

    Call for submissions for: CBA vol 65: THE BOX Main editor: Mattias Elftorp Deadline: July 10 What’s in The Box? Who wants to know? How big is it? Where is it? Is it on its way somewhere? Why does it matter? Why can’t you know......

  • Call for submissions – CBA vol 64: Kolaż

    Call for submissions for: CBA vol 64: Kolaż Main editor: Kinga Dukaj Deadline: May 12 Kolaż (Polish for collage) is an art where you weave existing images into new narratives. Dive deep into various techniques and tech. We want your unlimited comic fusions! ***Disclaimer*** Copyrighted......

  • Seriefest 2023!

    This weekend (Sep 2-3) it’s Seriefest in Malmö (in Ridhuset, Folkts Park). We’ll be there with a selection of books, along with Tusen Serier/Wormgod/Hybriden (the policy is to only sell things made by creators who is present. Luckily, Mattias Elftorp will be there and he’s......

  • Call for submissions – CBA vol 62: Fingers and Teeth

    Call for submissions for: CBA vol 62: Fingers and teeth Main editor: Caroline Ulvros/Leviathan Deadline: October 1 Few non-genital body parts are the object of nightmares and obsessions as much as fingers and teeth. Focusing on single body parts might seem hard when telling a......

  • Out now: CBA vol 60

    CBA vol 60: Stories just came from the printer! This volume of CBA has no theme, it’s just stories: Stories are a way to escape reality, but also a way to communicate and to help us understand the world around us. These are stories on......