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  • Out now: CBA vol 54|55 & 56|57

    Two massive new double issues of CBA just came from the printer: CBA vol 54|55: Was it a car or a cat i saW and CBA vol 56|57: UNCOMICS ORDER HERE (Hybriden) 180 pages each, and filled with comics (and uncomics) from an international assortment......

  • 2x exhibition: UNCOMICS & [PLACEHOLDER]

    CBK presents: [PLACEHOLDER] & UNCOMICS Double release exhibition for the new CBA vol 53 & CBA vol 56|57! Where: Panora/Fish Tank Gallery When: The exhibition starts Thursday June 9 at 19:00 and will stay up until the middle of August (possibly a bit longer) Two......

  • Call for submissions – CBA vol 58: MODERN GLOSSOLALIA – THE EROSION OF MEANING

    Call for submissions for: CBA vol 58: MODERN GLOSSOLALIA – THE EROSION OF MEANING Main Editor: Mattias Elftorp Deadline: Jun 30 Edit, just before the original deadline: EXTENDED DEADLINE! It is now June 30! I also changed the theme title! It is now Modern Glossolalia,......

  • Call for Submissions – CBA vol 56: UNCOMICS

    CBA vol 56: Uncomics Main Editor: Allan Haverholm DEADLINE: Feb 20 UNCOMICS Abstract art emerged in the early 20th century as a reaction to the complexities and — just as often — atrocities of modern society. Meanwhile, embedded in the entertainment industry, comics evolved primarily......

  • Subscribe and get 4 back-issues!

    Postal fees are unfortunately going up a tad in Sweden next year and we will raise our subscription prices a bit to accommodate to the capitalist, privatized and misanthropic system that is PostNord. So, to counteract that in our own way, we offer you a......