Piracy013 RELEASE event & exhibition

When: June 14 at 18-21 (the exhibition lasts until Jun 28)
Where: Rum för Serier (Friisgatan 12, Malmö)
What: Book release with comics exhibition

Piracy is Liberation 013: Missile Crisis is the latest part of Mattias Elftorp’s cyberpunk postapocalypse epic.


The City is firing sentient smart-missiles against terrorists hiding in the previously unknown desert. But who is this outer enemy?
Using metamagic, Purple learns how to fly and takes Information and Erica on an expedition to find out, but the truth comes with unexpected dangers.
Piracy is Liberation is a mix of classic cyberpunk elements in a dystopian future with a glimmer of postapocalyptic hope and a pinch of metamagic.

The story, which started in book 012, is a comment on the increasingly war-hungry media climate. It takes place far into the future, in a city where Capitalism is the only remaining religion, where the people don’t know that anything exists outside the City (until now) or that things have ever been different.

We invite you to an exhibition with material from the book along with some more stuff, new and old.
Haven’t read the earlier books in the series? Don’t worry, they’ll all be available at a special price.
Come and hang out, look at the pretty pictures, buy the pretty book and have some wine, it’ll be great!
We’ll keep going until 21 unless we decide to stay longer…

The exhibition is presented by Wormgod & CBK in cooperation with the Swedish Comics Association.

Feel free to share and invite people to the Facebook event.

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