Available NOW: Piracy is Liberation 013 & CBA vol 62|63

Two new books are coming soon, but you can order them already from Hybriden! Approximate release date will be April 20.

Both books and much more will be available at the Stockholm International Comics Festival, May 25-26!

Piracy is Liberation 013: Missile Crisis

The City is firing sentient smart-missiles against terrorists hiding in the previously unknown desert. But who is this outer enemy?
Using metamagic, Purple learns how to fly and takes Information and Erica on an expedition to find out, but the truth comes with unexpected dangers.

Weighing in at 236 pages, this book continues the story started in Piracy is Liberation 012: Outer Enemy.
Published by CBK in cooperation with Wormgod, Piracy is Liberation is political theory, filtered through autobiography, masked as fiction in the form of cyberpunk postapocalypse.

Story art and design by Mattias Elftorp, cover by Susanne Johansson, illustration & editorial assistance by Kinga Dukaj.









CBA vol 62|63: Liminal Space

Liminal space, a concept that deconstructs the notion of fixed boundaries and absolute realities. It is a space that challenges the dualities of self and other, inside and outside, past and future. A bridge to cross, a door to open. A place to question and transcend.

Liminality has always been a part of humanity. Maybe not as a state of transition but rather as a state of constant becoming. It is a space that disrupts the linearity of time and questions the stability of identity. That area of blurred boundaries is very much an integral part of the creative process for us as humans and artists.
A realm of ambiguity. A pause in time, a shift in state. A realm of potentiality. Where form and meaning await.

Here (or in there) we can push the boundaries of the unexpected. With comics, the idea of the liminal space can be used to craft stories and narratives that exist between different realms of reality.

Comics by: Svalan Sörblom [SE], Anamarija Kvas [HR], Tom Mortimer [UK], Miku Maria Gustavsson [SE], Edmund Mortimer [UK], Aiden Kvarnström [SE], Saskia Gullstrand [SE], Kekube [PL], Tomxyz & fishboneseater [PL], Adam Kołodziejski [PL], Mattias Elftorp [SE], Damir Stojnic-Ktonsky [RS], Zlatko Krstevski [MK], Oskar Aspman [SE].
Cover, text, illustrations & main editor: Oskar Aspman [SE].

168 pages of international comics in this double issue!

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