Extended deadline – CBA vol 64: Kolaż

We’ve decided to extend the deadline for CBA vol 64: Kolaż to May 31!

You can find all the submission guidelines for this issue here.


Kolaż (Polish for collage) is an art where you weave existing images into new narratives. Dive deep into various techniques and tech. We want your unlimited comic fusions!

Explore the art of collage with us in blends of found images with drawings and digital manipulations, dissections and reassemblies, insertions and rearrangements. Share your stories, your subversions and discoveries of meaning through combinations and reinterpretations. Create new comics or cut up your old ones, make new life out of previous stories.

Be inspired by pioneers like Mary Shelley’s Victor F, Hannah Höch, Romare Bearden, Dave McKean and many more, whose unique approaches reshape artistic boundaries.

Join us to celebrate this remarkable art form in CBA vol 64: Kolaż (polish for Collage) where innovation and imagination breathe life into fragments, woven through the magic of artistic amalgamation.

Is collage your passion and you want to write an article about it? Great! A good size for a text is ca 7500 characters (including spaces), but it can also be longer or shorter.

Copyrighted material:
Be mindful of the images you use to create your collage. In general, using copyrighted images in your collage without permission could potentially constitute copyright infringement.e
If you use AI art it has to be clearly stated that it is AI, what AI platform it is made at and what words and/or base images you used to create the comic. We want to discourage the use of AI and you will not receive any payment for AI- images.


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