Pre-order CBA vol 50 for Black Friday

We’re doing a 50% sale on books from CBK, Tusen Serier and Wormgod at Hybriden this weekend (Nov 27-29).

Use the coupon code blackfriday2020 when you place your order.

CBA vol 50 will be released in January, but you can pre-order it now, and it is included in the sale.

No theme, no limits, only members of the current and former editorial crew of CBA celebrating this anniversary issue by doing whichever comics they want!

Illustrated haiku poems! Vampires! Cyberpunk! Abstract patterns and ruminations on death! Working with the elderly and trying to find your husband in the realm of the dead! There’s also a seal.

Comics by: Sajan Rai [SE/UK], Gonzalo de las Heras [SE/ES], Allan Haverholm [DK/SE], Mattias Elftorp [SE], Susanne Johansson [SE], Leviathan [SE], Stefan Petrini [SE], Henrik Rogowski [SE]. Text: Mattias Elftorp [SE]. Illustration: Mattias Elftorp [SE], Gonzalo de las Heras [ES/SE]. Cover artist: Kinga Dukaj [SE].

WINTER SALE at the Hybriden webshop!

Nov 29 – Jan 1, we’ll have a huge sale at the Hybriden webshop. Titles from CBK, Tusen Serier and Wormgod will be sold extra cheap. Many titles at 50% off the regular price and several of the CBK books even more!

While you are there, you should also check out the zine section (Fosfor), and we’re just in the process of adding new prints to the shop, digital prints as well as linocut and silk screen!

And you can pre-order the upcoming CBA vol 47: Science/Fiction (to be released in Jan/Feb), also at a reduced price!
And we’ve finally added a bunch of our old back-issues (C’est Bon #1-11, CBA (pre-vol) #2-5, or at least what’s still available).

To the webshop.

Fosfor (zine distro)!

Many self-publishing comics creators still have very few opportunities to reach a market outside comics festivals. With Fosfor, we give these creators a platform to reach out to more readers. We want to be able to spread zine creators’ works and open up one of comics’ greatest cultures to more people!

Fosfor was started once upon a time by former CBK crew members Steve Nyberg and Christoffer Frostgård as Sweden’s first distro for comics zines. It was taken over by CBK and was reborn in June 2019 as part of Fanzineverkstaden and Hybriden in Malmö.

You’ll find it along with publications from CBK, Tusen Serier, Wormgod etc at the Hybriden webshop.

Want to sell your zines, prints or stickers via Fosfor? Go to the site for instructions…

Christmas Sale!

We’re having a Christmas sale in the shop until Dec 31st.

Use coupon code: xmas2017 and get 20% off on all books in the shop!

Happy Holidays!