Open for submissions: C’est Bon Anthology volume 22: SINGULARITY

The word Singularity has alot of different, variations, versions and comes in many colors. Many different professions and studys have their own version of the word, but one definition unites them all:

Change, and transforming into something undefined. Something far beyond what we know now.

For the next issue of C’est Bon Anthology, we want to know what you belive lies beyond or what the word Singularity means for you.

The deadline is in between now and March 15th! You can use the submission-page on our website or send us an email to!

Spec talk:

Anything is welcome, but best suited are comics about 4–22 pages. The format is 200×260 mm (7.9×10.2 in), black/white, in English. Within this space, there are no limits. If you’re interested, please send digital files using the form below, or paper copies to the address given here. We accept low-res files for consideration and will ask you for high-res files if your submission is accepted. The work can have been published before.

Note this: We are mainly looking for comics, graphic stories and sequiential art that tries to do something new and experiments with the medium. We LOVE new ideas and creative thinking.

We are loking forward to your submissions!
Here’s a little something from Wikipedia about it to get your thinking going. 

“Singularity (plural singularities)

The state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual A point where all parallel lines meetA point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value(mathematics) the value or range of values of a function for which a derivative does not exist(physics) a point or region in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density; associated withblack holesA proposed point in the technological future at which artificial intelligences become capable of augmenting and improvingthemselves, leading to an explosive growth in intelligence.

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