C’est Bon Anthology volume 17 is here from the printers any day now, and we are looking forward to what’s going to be our next issue. After celebrating our ten year anniversary and looking back at our history, we return to our roots. For the next volume of C’est Bon Anthology the theme is a question; WHAT IS ART? What defines the artist? What makes something art?

And as usual, what we’re looking for are comics that rely on artistic ambitions and a will to experiment rather than what has been done a thousand times before. We want to expand the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve in the comics medium. Try new things, experiment and explore! Because that’s what art is all about, right?


The deadline is Mars 15th 

For guidelines and more information about the submissions, head to the submissions page! You can send in your work trough the site, or send it in an email to bo@cestbonkultur.com

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