C’est Bon Anthology vol. 11 – Variations


For almost ten years, C’est Bon Anthology has presented graphic short stories by artists from all over the world, with occasional contributions from the anthology’s changing roster. With this new offering, vol. 11, we wanted to present the current editorial board as well as give a high five to the crews of the past: Every contribution is a variation, remix, or mutation of stories that have been published in an earlier volume of C’est Bon Anthology.

cbavol11cvr_50x65mm_rgbIn C’est Bon Anthology vol. 11 – Variations, Sofia FalkenhemMartin Flink, and Jamil Mani interpret each others’ previous CBA contributions in a threesome of playful trolls (THE BOY), urban totem animals (DUSK), and personal purgatory (ROOM). Allan Haverholm counterpoints Mattias Elftorp’s short story VIOLENCE with SEX, and Oskar Aspman remixes Niklas Asker’s critically acclaimed SECOND THOUGHTS as SCND THGHTS.

In total, volume 11 features work by Oskar Aspman (SE), Mattias Elftorp(SE), Sofia Falkenhem (SE), Martin Flink (DK), Allan Haverholm (DK),Susanne Johansson (SE) and Jamil Mani (SE). The best short stories by some of the most talented graphic artists out there.

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