Panorama II: Frankenstein

2009 October – November: Biograf Spegeln, Malmö.
Another Panorama exhibition, where we take a well-known story and twist it and reinterpret it and let the audiences memories of the story meet the artists’ versions.
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Susanne Johansson, Jamil Mani, Mattias Elftorp, Allan Haverholm, Sofia Falkenhem, Oskar Aspman, Johan Jergner-Ekervik.
Some samples:
Sofia Falkenhem:
panorama2sofia3 panorama2sofia2 panorama2sofia1
Oskar Aspman:
panorama2oskar1 panorama2oskar2 panorama2oskar3
Susanne Johansson:
panorama2suss1 panorama2suss2 panorama2suss3
Mattias Elftorp:

panorama2mattias1 panorama2mattias3 panorama2mattias2

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