Coming soon: Piracy is Liberation 012

The first 6 books of Mattias Elftorp‘s Piracy is Liberation were published by CBK before the cyberpunk postapocalypse series moved over to Wormgod. With Piracy is Liberation book 012: Outer Enemy, it’s back with us again, published in collaboration with Wormgod. 212 pages starts off an all-new story arc that continues where it left off in book 011 which came out back in 2012.

Terror strikes the City, and Pirate seems to be the terrorist! Or is this finally the start of the revolution?
As the City is gearing up for war, two girls walk its streets looking for action and trying to figure out what actually happened.
How will our anarchist heroes deal with this situation as the equivalent to nationalist tendencies grip the population?
What happens in a City where war has been an unknown concept, as its billboards are filling up with WANTED posters and military propaganda and the army recruitment centers are opening up for business?
Who is the enemy?

Don’t worry if you haven’t read the first books. Book 012 is a good place to jump into it, with a story so far section that tells you in short what you need to know. And if you want to get into the back story to get the full experience, we have all the back issues and collections at Hybriden for a good price!

The official release will be early in 2023, but we’ll figure out some excuse to offer a sneaky pre-release sale of it already in December of 2022.

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