CBA vol 53: PLACEHOLDER out now

CBA vol 53: Placeholder just came from the printer today!

Buy it HERE.

About the volume:
The pandemic was supposed to have a deadline, most of us agreed on a year. CBA deadlines are like the pandemic:we’re still open for submissions for the theme PLACEHOLDER. The world is paused for an indefinite time. What does this do to our experience of our existence? How do we replace our routines? We’re waiting, and in our wait, we imitate the “real” we hope will soon return. Like placeholders in our own lives.

Comics by: Aiden Kvarnström [SE], Tom Mortimer [UK], Saskia Gullstrand [SE], Adrián A. Astorgano [ES], Julia Nascimento [BR/SE], Nataniel E [SE], Mattias Elftorp [SE], Matt Carr [US], Kinga Dukaj [SE], Felipe Kolb Bernardes [BR/DE/SE], Ivana Filipović [RS/CA].
Text and illustrations: Mattias Elftorp [SE].
Cover & main editor: Leviathan [SE].

The perfect book to pass these socially distanced times with while you’re waiting out a pandemic that seems determined not to let us go on with our lives.


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