CBK presents:
Digital release exhibition for the new CBA vol 52!

Where: hybriden.se/burnout
When: The exhibition starts Wednesday May 26 at 16:00
and will stay active for the foreseeable future
Buy the book: CBA vol 52

From hospital staff to comic creators to basically any job in the gig economy, burnout has become an increasingly normal part of everyday life for many of us since the term was getting widespread use in the late 1900s. Anyone who doesn’t have a steady income, or who is expected to do more work in less time than is reasonable, can feel it. So who or what is to blame? Could we create a situation, a systemic change, to avoid the conditions that cause burnout?
This volume of CBA explores BURNOUT. Not so much stories of depressing social realism, but rather artistic expressions of that feeling, suggestions for solutions, wishful thinking and visual abreactions. Expressions of rage rather than apathy, insurrection rather than complicity. Something to read for strength in times of austerity.

Exhibited artists:
Steve Nyberg [SE] | Mattias Elftorp [SE] | Henna Räsänen [FI] | Iso Sling Lindh [SE] | Tom Mortimer [UK] | Radovan Popović [RS] | Aleksandar Opačić [RS] | Manuel Rodriguez Navarro [DE] | Felipe Kolb Bernardes [BR/DE] | Korina Hunjak [HR] | Julia Nascimento [BR] | Aiden Kvarnström [SE] | Rasmus Gran [SE]
Exhibition organized by: Mattias Elftorp with Kinga Dukaj of CBK

The exhibition is presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd.

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