Digital exhibition: UNDERWORLD

CBK presents:
A new digital exhibitions to keep social distancing while still being able to enjoy art!

When: The exhibition starts Saturday Mar 13 at 19:00
and will stay active for the foreseeable future

An online exhibition celebrating the launch of CBA vol 51 ‘Underworld’! Come have a sneak peek at what’s inside, and learn more about the amazing comic artists featured in the issue.

The Underworld exists in many forms: an invisible realm of all deceased, a torturous prison for sinners, whatever alien societies rule a ‘hollow earth’, as well as the non- mythological but equally weird organisms that really do scurry around below us. Less literally, it could imply unseen aspects of any organisation, or the darkest moments in an individual’s journey.

Artists: Tiffany Baxter [UK], Eric Falier [BE], Lars Krantz [SE], Aiden Kvarnström [SE], Kimmo Lust [FI], Elida Maiques [ES/IE], Shane Melisse [UK], Sajan Rai [UK/SE], Gar Shanley [IE], Damir Stojnic von Ktonsky [HR], Olivia Sullivan [UK], Nanami Takeuchi [UK], Lily Vie [UK].
Exhibition by: Kinga Dukaj, illustrated by Sajan Rai.

Go HERE to see the exhibition.
CBA vol 51: Underworld and other books can be ordered from the Hybriden webshop.


This exhibition is presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd.

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