Two digital exhibitions: Nedjem & Origin of Life

CBK presents:
Two new digital exhibitions to keep social distancing while still being able to enjoy art!

Where: (direct links will be available on this site for the opening)
When: Both exhibitions open Wednesday Nov 25 at 15:00
and will stay active for the foreseeable future

To celebrate the latest volumes of CBA, we invite you to see these two exhibitions of comics pages from the books. As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to show exhibitions in the usual way, so this time we’re making the exhibitions in digital form. Instead of meeting up at Hybriden to enjoy the art on the walls and mingle with wine and artists and other visitors, now you don’t even need to leave your home. Instead you can just visit the website and see them comfortably from your chair or couch or whatever you want to sit in. You can even drink your own wine and chat with friends on the internet at the same time, so it’s ALMOST like normal.

CBA and other books can be ordered from the Hybriden webshop.

Nedjem (CBA vol 48)
CBA vol 48 is about cats. Cats and the lifelong friendships we form with our furry friends. Bonds so strong and endearment so deep and ancient, it permeates our lives through time. You find cats in scary stories, in cute stories, they’re a sign of bad luck in some cultures and good luck in others, worshipped as deities or shunned like pests. Remnants of our relationships with the floofy furs are found not just all over the world, but all over the internet as well. Here’s our contribution to the Cat Library of Time.

Artists: Jonatan Rosén [SE], Henrik Rogowski [SE], Aiden Kvarnström [SE], Filip Kelava [HR], Alexandra Duma-Dancai [RO/SE], Ivana Filipović [RS/CA], Helena Menanda [SE], Ivana Armanini [HR], Mattias Elftorp [SE], Kinga Dukaj [SE].

Origin of Life (CBA vol 49)
Where were you born? Where are you from? When these questions are asked really what the person means often is, who are you?
In the new volume of CBA we want you to ask yourselves some questions. Who are humanity as a collective consciousness? Where do we come from? All these little specks of life in this big dark space of nothing, and for what?

Artists: Ana Biscaia [PT], Ivana Geček [HR], Mattias Elftorp [SE], Ivana Filipović [RS/CA], Henrik Rogowsk [SE], Leviathan [SE], Lisa Örtlund [SE].

The exhibitions are presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd.

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