2003 May/June. Loftet, Lilla Torg, Malmö.
C’est Bon 8 release exhibition: »Polaroid«
»Interactive exhibition. The world stops. We know nothing. At the same time, we know everything. Join us on a journey into the future where a new world is emerging.«
Exhibited: Jacob Kindstedt, Mattias Elftorp, Oskar Aspman, Niklas Asker & the visitorsPolaroid»Interaktiv utställning. Världen stannar. Vi vet ingenting. Samtidigt vet vi allt. Följ med på en resa in i framtiden där en ny värld tar form.«

Polaroid is the sequel to ACETON (CH3COCH3). Where the first exhibition showed the final moments before the end of the world, this one shows what happens afterwards, when something new is born from the ashes and rubble.

We let the audience take polaroid photos of a trash installation. These photos then became a part of the exhibition. Some of the photos were later collected in the mini-artbook C’est Bon Artalogue #2. For the exhibition we had a soundtrack, C’est Bon CD 2: Music for a rebirth, by Fredrik Olsson (cover by Mattias Elftorp).

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