We are happy to receive submissions of comics and texts to be included in CBA.

Our current call for submissions is CBA vol 46: Deep.

Please note that we now include texts in the anthology.

Please note that we are constantly overworked and there’s a great risk that we won’t get in touch in case your submission doesn’t make it into the current volume. We are sorry for this and will try to catch up as soon as things clear up (hoping for 2019)…

What we are looking for is comics which rely on artistic ambitions and a will to experiment rather than what has been done a thousand times before. We want to expand the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in the comics medium. We are looking for the same thing in texts; articles, essays, exploratory texts, etc.

Unfortunately we cannot offer you any payment for participating. If we publish your submission you will receive 10 free copies of the issue. That’s all we can offer at this date. Hopefully you will find being in CBA an enjoyable experience. Naturally, copyright for your material will stay in your hands.

Number of pages: Anything is welcome, but we prefer comics that are about 5-30 pages.
Format: 20x26cm
Color: Yes (CMYK, unless otherwise stated in the individual theme description)
Language: English
Format: .TIF
Resolution: 1200 dpi line art or 300 dpi grayscale/CMYK
Length (texts): A good size for a text is ca 7500 characters (including spaces), but it can also be longer or shorter.
Bleed: 5mm. Think you know how to handle bleed? Read this to make sure you know what we mean!
Delivery: We prefer files as attachment or download links that do NOT require us to login anywhere (wetransfer usually works fine, for example)
Request: Please don’t use Comic Sans. We don’t like it and will ask you to change to another font (hand lettering is of course also acceptable).
And once more, check our guidelines for bleed.
Within this space, there are no limits.

Please send us high-resolution files from the start.
And also include a short presentation text about yourself, with URL (if you have a website). This does not affect your chances of being selected, but is the text we will include about you in the book if we choose to publish your work.

Please ask us if you are unsure about formats, resolution, bleed, etc. We prefer stupid questions to bad files. And there are no stupid questions.

Send comics, questions, etc to: submissions(a)cbkcomics(.)com

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