presentationsbildKinga Dukaj is an autodidact artist and web designer dabbling in various mediums. By night, she’s a superhero,  by day she’s a part of this supposedly poetic comics collective a.k.a. CBK, and also Tusen Serier; working to integrate non-swedish comic artists into the Swedish comics scene.



12003195_10153668040309357_2346849602177140517_nChristina Cromnow makes comics and illustrations. Sees all of life in her own way and translate it with her colorful mind and perceptive senses.




luddvig1Luddvig Melin is a small, anxious mammal which can never make up its mind about anything. It makes both autobiographical and fictional comics, usually with lots of emotion, humour, imagination and weird little twists. Melin is a social animal that depends highly on the interaction with its comics collective Ritualen, cuddling and consuming plant based food while watching cartoons.





mattiasSince escaping from the Pit some short aeons ago, this Swedish-hating antiracist, meat-eating vegan, male lesbian monstrosity has been drinking and smoking his way through the cybperpunk postapocalypse underground with a subtle fuck you and a ‘why not?’ until re-entering orbit from the 5th dimension of ”reality”, sometimes accompanied by an angry animal, to make sweet anarcho-comics and take up the fight against short and sensible sentences. Also active in the art and comics collective Wormgod, organizer of the AltCom comics festival in Malmö and one of the comics activists behind Tusen Serier.



StefanPetriniCBKStefan Petrini is a cartoonist, a writer, and an all-around comics aficionado.




HenrikRogowskiBildHenrik Rogowski draws surrealistic comics with a dark and absurd touch. His motto is illogicality is logical.




oskarOskar analyses too much and thusly does more teaching about comics than doing actual comics himself. Some day he will eat lunch with David Lynch.


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