Wormgod is aimed at the outcasts, dropouts and fuckups. Those who don’t fit into the norms of this society. We are the unwanted weed growing up from the fields of decaying limbs and blood-drenched dirt that is the foundation for the nation states we all live in. We use this environment for inspiration to create art that works as escape and reminder at the same time. We don’t believe in speaking to the lowest common denominator. There’s too much of that going on already.

Instead, we move around in subcultures and subversive concepts, because that’s where the action is. Meaningful entertainment for zombielovers and anarchists.

We are tired of a mainstream culture that dilutes everything to make it easier to swallow. We don’t want to please your senses, we want to rip you open and bathe in your mind fluids.

And we will make you like it. Enjoy!

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