The Hybrid opens

We’re finally ready to open The Hybrid, the new space we’ve been building since the beginning of the year!

The Hybrid is Malmö’s new comics hang-out! A space for exhibitions and workshops, an artists’ studio and comic shop/library, open for anyone (if not necessarily at all times). Here, you will be able to see exhibitions of comics you’ve never heard of, by recognized and unknown comic creators. Join workshops to learn how to draw comics or experiment with new forms of storytelling. In our shop you will find books from CBK, Tusen SerierWormgod and exquisitely selected international comics found at various festivals in different countries. We also have a comics library section where you with zines, anthologies and graphic novels where you can sit and read in our sofas.

WHAT: Opening/exhibition/release/workshop
WHERE: Hybriden @ Mitt Möllan, Claesgatan 8, Malmö
WHEN: Friday, March 11, 16-22


The comics in the international comics anthology CBA have been called “supposedly poetical”. They have also been called “witty, challenging and eye-opening”. Judge for yourself when the all-new editorial crew show their own comics and artworks.
Same goes for Tusen Serier, where the inner circle shows their own works along with samples from the upcoming titles.
Artists: Amanda Casanellas, Christina Cromnow, Henrik Rogowski, Kinga Dukaj, Luddvig Melin, Mattias Elftorp, Oskar Aspman, Stefan Petrini, Steve Nyberg, Susanne Johansson, Shko Askari, Amalia Alvarez, Tanja Komadina, Jorge Varas Varilla, and Yossra El Said.

RELEASE: CBA vol 30: A NEW HOPE cbavol30cover
The members of the new crew have made the comics in CBA vol 30: A NEW HOPE, to signal a kind of new beginning for the series, and because we wanted to find out what we’re actually doing. Anything from angst-ridden animals to a psychosomatic virus to a postapocalyptic Malmö and fragments of lego. You have to see for yourself what all this means in the new issue…

Between 16-19 you can join a jam comic workshop where we collectively create a story on the theme of WHATEVER. No pressure, we’re just drawing togehter because it’s fun! No experience required, just bring a bit of imagination!

And of course, all our books will be available, as well as a few extra titles, in the bookstore section.

We’re going until 22 or when we fall asleep/run out of wine!

+ You will also find us at the SciFi-mässan (Malmö) this weekend, March 5-6, where CBK & Tusen Serier share a table with Wormgod and the comics course of Malmö Högskola!

+ Also do not miss the ongoing (until Monday, March 7) special offer at our new webshop!



Releaseparty: When the last story is told


“When the last story is told, its absence rings with colour: Shapes & structure linger”–
Like the clap of thunder when the air rushes to fill the vacuum from a supersonic plane, Haverholm poses the question: When the last story is told, what fills the space it leaves?

Explore that space together with us at our releaseparty for this enigmatic new work by Allan Haverholm!

Friday, May 22, 17-21 @ Tusen Serier.
Claesgatan 8, Malmö.

Facebook event.

wtlstcvr_800When the last story is told
In the latest book by visual artist Allan Haverholm, narrative gives way to another order of meaning. Although the pages are divided into comic book grids there is nothing to constitute a traditional story, or even pictures in a sense that one would expect. The only text in the book, quoted above, frames the 60 pages of minimalist colour compositions alternatingly obscured with bold strokes of white paint and abstract, black textures.

The book questions one of the basic elements of our culture: storytelling and its underlying structures. Its very title suggests a potential end of narrative, but also that something else may fill the gap, a still-fluid substance or undefined fictional construct forming after this universal aphasia. Like a message from an alien mind, When the last story is told is loaded with meaning encoded in an undecipherable language.

Allan Haverholm (b.1976)
Since his 2006 book debut (the 300 pages Sortmund, hailed as Denmark’s first graphic novel), Allan Haverholm has stubbornly explored the comics medium for new approaches to the art form, changing effortlessly between a wide range of expressions to fit each new project. Persistent themes in his work include language and music, and their application in comics form.
When the last story is told is Haverholm’s eighth book as a single author; he has illustrated some fifty books, published several collaborations with likeminded artists, and appeared in more anthologies than he cares to think of or even count. His art has been exhibited internationally.


After SIS 2015


© Makan E-Rahmati

The Stockholm International Comics festival 2015 is over and done, already. Bittersweet because this was the best SIS festival in a long time. High on festival-endorphines we’re back and gearing up for Allan Haverholm’s exhibition and releaseparty for When the last story is told on May 22.

We also proudly and gladly announce that a part of C’est Bon Kultur, Steve Nyberg, won The Swedish Comics Association’s fanzine award this year with his fanzine “Maja-Stina”!

Congratulations Steve!



C’est Bon Kultur will attend this years International Comics Festival in Stockholm, May 9th–10th.
The Stockholm International Comics Festival [SIS] will take place for the seventeenth time in May 2015 (plus pre-events earlier in the week) organized by Serieteket and friends.

Meet us this weekend! Our table is located in Hörsalsfoajén, table F8. Adjacent to Tusen Serier, Wormgod and Ritualen.

We’ll have a great stash of CBA vol 28, Allan Haverholm’s hot-off-the-press When the last story is told. And everything else that we’ve made so far. Our book fair prices are super cheap, so don’t miss out!


C’est Bon Kultur presents:
Release party for C’est Bon Anthology vol 28 & exhibition: “Space”.

When? Thursday, April 23 2015
Where? Tusen Serier at Mitt Möllan, Claesgatan 8, Malmö
Who? Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Karoline Stjernfelt, Mari Ahokoivu
+ artists from CBA vol 28

Frøydis Sollid Simonsen, Karoline Stjernfelt and Mari Ahokoivu have made the exhibition Space which has been shown in Norway can soon be seen in Finland. Now it comes to Malmö in conjunction with the release of the new issue of C’est Bon Anthology, which has the theme Signs and science and contains some of the comics from the exhibition. To celebrate this coincidence, we have added some of the other comics to this edition of the exhibition and turned the whole thing into a combined release party and exhibition.

Signs of science? The science of signs? Or neither, or both. How about the sleep depriving thought of eternity when you turn off the lights at night. Of the ever reaching deepness of space, black holes and the creation of photons in the core of the sun. How about when you get lost in thought, staring at your thumb, thinking about how the cells in your skin work and work and work, divide and fall off. The molecules they are made of. The vanishing weight of the atoms.


CBA vol 28 is also the last anthology issue from the former editorial crew. Since every other issue is a special graphic novel issue, vol 30 (September) will be the first issue from the (almost) completely new crew. In other words, this is the end of an era and at the same time the seed for what is to come, since it’s already the new crew organizing this event.

Comics creators in CBA vol 28:
Steve Nyberg [SE]
Jamil Mani [SE]
Maciej Kalymon [SE]
John Daily [SE]
Marine Schneider [BE]
Carolina Hicks [US/SE]
Mattias Elftorp [SE]
Mari Ahokoivu [FI]
Allan Haverholm [DK]
Ylva Oknelid [SE]
Christoffer Frostgård [SE]
Karoline Stjernfelt [SE]
Milena Simeonova [BG]
Cover: Christina Cromnow [SE]
Illustrations: Emei Burell [SE]


2009 June: Forte Prenestino, Rome.
Mini-exhibition at the Crack! festival in Rome. We only brought books this year, and didn’t realise that the festival is more about exhibiting comics-related art than just selling books, so we improvised a bit and tore up a copy of our latest issue to plaster the walls around our selling area. Our representatives at the site, Johan Jergner-Ekervik and Mattias Elftorp decided on site that it does count as an exhibition.
All artists from C’est Bon Anthology vol. 7

Anke Feuchtenberger

2009 February: Stapelbädden, Malmö.
»Anke Feuchtenberger är ett av de främsta namnen inom den tyska och europeiska alternativseriescenen. Hennes bilder är ofta drömska, inte sällan med mörka undertoner och alltid med en explosiv energi precis under ytan. Feuchtenberger är en kvinna vars konst är kompromisslös på det bästa av sätt, som inte backar för det hårda och ibland oförståeliga, men inte heller för att lyfta fram det barnsliga och väldigt mänskliga i sina karaktärer.
Denna utställning berättar historier ur Feuchtenbergers seriealbum om W the Whore. På plats kommer också att finnas exempel ur hennes utgivning.«
Exhibited: Anke Feuchtenberger.

Panorama I: Little Red Riding Hood

2008 November – December: Panora, Malmö.
»Sagan om Rödluvan är nog den av alla de klassiska sagorna som stått sig bäst gentemot tidens tand. Symbolerna går att uppfatta vid en tidig ålder, samtidigt som deras innebörd förändras då vi växer upp. För de minsta barnen representerar vargen knappast mer än en okänd fara, men snart nog blir de medvetna om vargens dubbelnatur. Full av smicker förmår vargen Rödluvan att bejaka sin leklust framför plikten, för att på det sättet få sina egna behov tillgodosedda.
I bröderna Grimms tolkning slutar allting lyckligt. Rödluvan får hjälp och ur vargens mage kliver en klokare flicka, medveten om att inte alla varelser i skogen är att lita på.
I Perraults tidigare version är det mindre vackert. Där förmås Rödluvan att kasta alla sina kläder på elden och lägga sig i sängen bredvid vargen, som precis som hos Grimm förtär henne. Men någon räddande jägare infinner sig minsann inte. Har en flicka mött vargen, har hon det. Punkt. Slut.
Här presenterar Mattias Elftorp, Susanne Johansson och Jamil Mani sina egna tolkningar av sagan. Tre konstnärer, tre tekniker, arton tolkningar av sagans innehåll och symbolvärld.
Vem är det egentligen som lurar i skogen? Och på vem?«
Se bilder och läs om processen på arbetsbloggen:
Susanne Johansson, Jamil Mani, Mattias Elftorp.
Special storytelling duties: Patrik Stigzelius.

Comics as Art

C’est Bon Kultur presents: Comics as Art
2007 December – 2008 January: Stadsbiblioteket, Malmö.
»Var går gränsen mellan grafisk litteratur och annan konst?
C’est Bon Anthology är en internationell seriekonstantologi baserad i Malmö. Tidningen utkommer med två volymer per år och distribueras över hela den engelskspråkiga världen. Vi publicerar internationella och svenska serier med konstnärliga ambitioner, där skaparna inte nöjer sig med att återupprepa det som redan gjorts tusen gånger. I C’est Bon Anthology ges utrymme åt dem som vill göra någonting nytt och gå ett steg längre. Vi vill vidga gränserna för vad man kan göra med berättarkonsten inom seriemediet, en uttrycksform där kombinationen mellan text och bild blir till någonting mer än sina beståndsdelar.
Syftet med utställningen Comics as Art är att utforska gränslandet mellan föreställningar om vad som är serier och vad som är konst. C’est Bon Anthology har publicerat serier med rena uttryck, klara linjer och enkla historier, men även avancerad bildkonst med komplicerade berättelser som behöver läsas flera gånger för att förstås. Denna bredd utmanar läsarna och ifrågasätter gränserna. Utställningen Comics as Art presenterar ett tvärsnitt av de berättelser som publicerats i C’est Bon Antology. Är det konst eller serier? Svaret måste bli: Det är serier som konst, konst som serier.
C’est Bon Kultur har sedan starten 2001 arbetat för att bredda det svenska och internationella serieklimatet till att även ge utrymme åt serier med högre konstnärliga ambitioner. Förutom att ge ut C’est Bon Anthology anordnar vi utställningar och andra kulturella evenemang. I förlängningen vill vi flytta fram gränserna för vad som är avantgarde inom litteratur i allmänhet och serier i synnerhet så långt att det vi gör i nuläget blir det nya måttet för vad som är mainstream.
Radovan Popovic [RS], Susanne Johansson [SE], Carol Swain [GB], Danijel Zezelj [HR], Arne Bellstorf [DE], Chiu Kwong Man [GB], Anke Feuchtenberger [DE], Sara Granér [SE], Danijel Savovic [RS], Aleksandar Opacic [RS]

C’est Bon Prioritaire

2007 November: Plocke-Pinn, Malmö.
2007 September-October: Café Systrar & Bröder, Malmö.
2007 August: Malmöfestivalen, Malmö.
Ville Ranta, Carol Swain, Amanda Vähämäki, Andrea Echorn, Henrik Rehr, Björn Öberg, Ina Kallis, Jyrki Heikkinen, Chiu Kwong Man, Jimmy Jönsson, Bill Koeb, Jessica Kurki, Sara Granér, Filjio, Kim W Andersson, Johanna Rojola, Andrea Bruno, Mia Fredriksson.
Ville Ranta:



Ina Kallis:
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Radovan Popović:
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